Deco Figurine Sitting Lion Gold 42cm



The king of deco objects requests an audience in your home: due to the rich detail of the fur and mane, the golden companion appears wild, but turns out to be very tame and easy to care for. The sitting decorative lion is happy to take a seat in the office, in the living room or next to your bed. There he defends your sense of good style – no matter whether your furnishings are modern, glamorous or inspired by Africa. The lion is ideal with velvet furniture and indoor plants and looks forward to becoming your noble companion in everyday life.
● Richly detailed decorative figure of a sitting lion, completely immersed in the colour of gold
● Extra-large dimensions: the 42 cm tall feline predator makes a strong visual impression
● Glamour for every corner: As a guardian next to the sofa and in the hallway, on the sideboard or shelf
● A gift idea for all those born under the Zodiac sign of Leo

Material: Object: Fiberglas
Measures (H/W/D) 42 x 34 x 22 centimeters
Weight: 6 kg

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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 55 × 45 × 35 cm


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