Dear Customer,

Thank you for your purchase with KARE. As most of our merchandise are fully imported from Germany and other supplying countries, the lead time for the arrival of your order may vary from our recommended lead time. As part of our continuous effort to strive for optimum customer satisfaction, we would like to highlight our sale terms & conditions for your understanding.

  1. A minimum 50% deposit per order should be collected upon confirmation of purchase by buyer and that deposit paid is not refundable.
  2. The term of payment is full payment before delivery basis only.
  3. SULISAM LIVING SDN BHD reserves the rights in its absolute discretion to decline or for any reason to accept the return of goods by buyer in exchange or otherwise.
  4. SULISAM LIVING SDN BHD reserve the right to charge a minimum 20% of the sale price as liquidated damage for any cancellation or exchange of items.
  5. The act of GOD, war, insurrection, civil commotion, breakdown of machinery or plant, shortage of raw material or delayed arrival, fire, strike, epidemics, delay in transport, harbour congestion, detention floods or any other causes beyond control shall absolve SULISAM LIVING SDN BHD from any responsibility in regard to time of delivery and according to circumstances from all or part of the term and conditions of the sales contract.
  6. Delivery time and date are subject to change should any of the circumstances on item 5 occur.
  7. SULISAM LIVING SDN BHD shall be at liberty to cancel this contract and not refund the deposit in case of default made by buyer in making full payment for goods within 4 weeks from the arrival date of the ordered item.
  8. All sales and orders are to be delivered within 4 to 12 weeks’ time from the invoice or item arrival date. Failure to do so will subject the buyer to a minimum storage fee of RM5 per item, per day until the delivery or collection of items.
  9. Any alteration of design requested by buyer is subject to additional charges on top of the sale price.
  10. Buyer shall inspect goods upon delivery and inform SULISAM LIVING SDN BHD on any defect or discrepancy of goods delivered within 24 hours from the date of delivery, failing which complaints of such discrepancies or defect will not be entertain and it is deem that the order is fulfilled and accepted by buyer.
  11. Any discrepancies in any one or more of the delivery (ies) or item (s) shall be considered on an individual basis without giving the buyer rights to cancel the whole order.
  12. Any additional cost incurred in delivery or installation of goods to buyer due to difficult access and installation method to buyer’s premise/property shall be borne by buyer.
  13. Reasonable variation in colour, shade and/or grain of the goods must be allowed and no claims will be entertained in respect of the same.

I hereby acknowledge fully the above sale terms & conditions of SULISAM LIVING SDN BHD operating under the brand name KARE.